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We are a Chicago Based Custom Wine Cellar company so we care able to offer personalized service to our clients.

When walking down an unfamiliar street, there is no feeling more comforting than finding someone who knows the area, understands those places where potential danger lurks, and most of all is willing to take your hand and lead you through the area safely. The above was the gist of a statement made by one of my clients at the end of our wine cellar journey.

Building a wine cellar begins with the architect.  We will be there with you as you define your needs and select your overall style.  We will interface directly with the architect in charge and make certain that the end-design can actually be implemented…successfully.

Then, we visit the actual job-site and meet with the builder.  For many builders, this may be his first wine cellar.  Chicago-WCE personnel offer insulation inspection services prior to drywall.  (It’s better to be safe than moldy.)  In addition, we review the site for hot pipes and ducts traveling across the ceiling of the wine cellar.  Insulating these areas requires extra care and expertise.

Next, we assist you in finding the very best and most cost-effective cooling solution for your cellar. Other than poor insulation, this is the single area where the most mistakes occur.  There are many chillers that appear attractive but are, in fact, site specific units.  If your site is set-up for one of these coolers, great.  If not and should you attempt to use a cooler in an incorrect application, the results can range from no cooling to a complete breakdown.

Finally, our personnel work with you to design the perfect racking system­ – for you.  Many first-time wine-cellar owners make a basic error by considering all racking to be the same.  The biggest complaints I hear after a client has used his/her cellar for a year are comments like, “I wish I had included more box storage.”, “I have filled all my spots for magnums and now have seven sitting on the floor”, or “The diamond bins work very well for table wines. I wish I had more of them.”

Discussing storage definitions, your needs and your tastes in wine can eliminate most regrets later.  Life is too short for regrets.  Call us.  We make it happen.

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  • I vetted seven companies before choosing Rick’s. The job was done beautifully, but what really blew me away was his response to problems after the cellar was installed and paid-for. For three days, Rick lived in my cellar overseeing the fixing of a very finicky cooling unit. That service after the sale is reason enough to recommend him. He truly cares about his work and about people.

    J.P. from Barrington Hills, IL
  • He crawled on his hands and knees though the steam pipes with the building engineer, stood by me during my meeting with the condo association and held my architect’s hand making certain that everything was right. Rick is the best!

    M.L from Lincoln Park, Chicago
  • Rick’s company did an incredible job!

    F.G from Winnetka, Illinois
expert_wineguyPersonalized Service from a Chicago Illinois Based Company