About us

Do what you love to do
Learn as much about what you’re doing as possible
Do it to the best of your ability
This was advice to me from a very smart man and it remains the cornerstone of my company.

Our story

My name is Rick Grigsby and I am Chicago’s Wine Cellar Expert. An audacious statement to be certain; however, isn’t it refreshing to find a service provider who is willing to set the bar high by the very name of his business?

For the last decade I have honed my craft completing hundreds of wine cellars from Lincoln Park to Lake Forest, from Barrington to Hinsdale, from Naperville to Oak Park and to cities as far afield as Green Bay, Indianapolis and Detroit. I established my business as one based upon referrals and those referrals are based upon client satisfaction.

One becomes an expert by knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do it. An expert also understands what to avoid…at all cost. Our value proposition is simple: we are here, on-the-ground, ready to guide you, hand-in-ours, through each step of the construction of your dream cellar. We offer on-site inspections after each critical step of the process. When finished we remain here, on-the-ground to make certain that everything runs smoothly.

The vast majority of my competitors are internet-based vending machines. Send them a quarter, pull the handle and a product arrives on your doorstep in a week. That’s a great business model for a Borders.com. Make the deal and the book you ordered arrives a week later.

But the process presupposes that you, the client, understand what you want. Moreover, it presupposes that you understand what you NEED. The person on the other end of the phone accepts no responsibility for you making the ‘right’ decision. Buying from an internet vending machine is a play on words of a sign I saw in an antique store last week: “You break it; you bought it. You pull the handle; it’s yours.”

Bought the wrong candy bar? Not a big deal. Buy a wine chiller that won’t work in ‘your’ cellar, and the cost can be substantial. Each home is different. Each cellar is different. Wine cellars is simply not a business that accepts one-size-fits-all.

Unless you have a map, how will you know when you reach the destination? Chicago Wine Cellar Experts provides you with the map, the counsel, the service and the piece of mind that comes from working with the best in Chicago.
Try us. You will love the experience.

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  • Wine Cellar Racking Sales
  • Wine Cellar Cooling Sales
  • Wine Cellar Racking Installation
  • Wine Cellar Cooling Installation
  • Wine Cellar Plans
  • Computer Aided Wine Cellar Design

Why us?

Because we are a highly experienced, Chicago Based company. This means you can rest assured that we will respond quickly to your inquiries and in the event of an issue after installation, we will respond rapidly as well.

Just shoot us an email or give us a call. We normally respond to inquiries withing 24 hours. Then we can go over your ideas and give you an idea, based upon our years of experience, what investment you can expect for the type of wine cellar you have in mind.

If you are a homeowner, we may request photos of the space you would like to build-out for your new wine cellar. Then we will set an appointment to come out to your home, take a look at the space and discuss our ideas based upon your desires.

If you are an architect or builder, you may simply send us your drawings electronically and we will take it from there.

That depends on a lot of variables. We will provide you with an estimated time of completion once you have approved our CAD drawings and we have received your deposit.

Our Skills

We are experts in custom wine cellar design, installation and service. We have almost two decades of experience in nothing but custom wine cellar sales and service.

Racking Sales
Cooling System sales and service
Custom Wine Cellar build outs

Custom Wine Cellar

racking installations


Custom Wine Cellar

cooling system installations


Custom Wine Cellar





  • I vetted seven companies before choosing Rick’s. The job was done beautifully, but what really blew me away was his response to problems after the cellar was installed and paid-for. For three days, Rick lived in my cellar overseeing the fixing of a very finicky cooling unit. That service after the sale is reason enough to recommend him. He truly cares about his work and about people.

    J.P. from Barrington Hills, IL
  • He crawled on his hands and knees though the steam pipes with the building engineer, stood by me during my meeting with the condo association and held my architect’s hand making certain that everything was right. Rick is the best!

    M.L from Lincoln Park, Chicago
  • Rick’s company did an incredible job!

    F.G from Winnetka, Illinois