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Metal Wine Racking

Metal racking by Vintage View

Metal racking provides a number of elegant solutions to everyday racking concerns and questions.


The most cost effective approach to wine storage, bar none, is metal racking.

Four clients per week call the office and preface their conversation by using the same five sentences.

Rick, I am looking for inexpensive wine racking. Nothing special. Just storage. I am not a big collector and just want something that I can use to rack my wine. I want it to look nice but it doesn’t need to be a Taj Mahal.”

On a per bottle basis, nothing is as inexpensive to buy and to install as metal racking.  Want maximum storage on a limited budget? Consider metal racking. On a cost-per-bottle basis (the universal price-metric used in this business) metal racking is half the cost of comparable wood product.


Metal racking is the most space efficient method of racking ever devised.  Because Chicago Wine Cellar Expert is recognized as the go-to company when constructing high-rise wine cellars, I get two calls per week asking the same question.

Do you have a way to store wine that works well within the limited space of a Chicago condo?

  • I only have a closet.
  • I have this small section off the dining room.
  • I have one wall in my living room.

The list is endless but the answer is universal.  Metal racking arrives in 3’ & 4’ sections.  It can be mounted dead-against the wall or in aisles of wine, using the company’s floor-to-ceiling mounting frames. Bottom line, you can put more wine in a closet using metal racking than any wood product ever devised…and, it is easier to retrieve a bottle in a small space using metal racks.


Eighty-percent of the people reading this have probably used a drill with a Phillips bit to screw something to a wall. You may not be a full-blown DIY’r but you can probably handle drilling a screw into a wall stud. Installing metal racking is that easy!  Putting together a wooden racking kit usually requires the use of a pneumatic nail gun.  For the average person, using a pneumatic nail gun is dangerous. With no experience, I guarantee that you will nail something that you didn’t intend to nail, leading to needless holes in furniture, walls or God-forbid, yourself.


If you must hire an installer, his time is your money. Remember, metal racking requires a fourth of the install time required of comparable-capacity wooden racks. Clean up is way easier because there is less to clean up.

I understand that metal racking is not for everyone.  For some clients it smacks of being too modern looking. I get that.  But, do yourself and your wine a favor.  Check out the photos in this section.  Many of you are going to be surprised by the just how good it looks.

My best,

Rick Grigsby


Chicago Wine Cellar Expert


ps: For you serious collectors, consider that when using metal racking each bottle is individually suspended.  No bottle touches another. For those of you who have ripped a label dragging one bottle over another in a diamond bin, the advantage should be self-evident. Tks, RTG



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