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Huge Selection of Custom Wine Cellar Doors, Door Pulls and Locks

Wine Cellar Doors Keep the Cool in and Wine Cellar Locks Keep the Kids Out!

Like the front door to your home, your wine cellar door should offer your friends a taste of what’s beyond.

For over seventeen years, The Old World Door Company has been designing and manufacturing Tuscany-style cellar doors, cellar gates, and cellar wrought-iron. No one does it better.

Manufactured by third-generation craftsmen, these doors epitomize the art and artwork of door making. No catalog exists. Every door is custom.

Take a look at some of the examples shown on the following page. These are but a few of the hundreds of custom styles available. Your cellar door will be as unique as you are.
What Should You Look For in a Wine Cellar Door?

There are only a handful of companies who specialize in creating wine cellar doors and Chicago Wine Cellar Experts offers the largest selection in Illinois.

Wine cellar doors are not merely exterior grade doors that you can purchase at your local Home Depot. Our wine cellar doors offer a variety of hardwoods and are available with etched glass decoration and iron decorations for an Old World look.

The glass panels we use are insulated to protect your wine from heat and may be sandblasted or etched. Wrought iron door grates are hand-forged and are available in many decorative styles. All our doors are built to fit and are offered in both ached and classical door shapes.

We offer wine cellar doors that have distressed finishes and an unlimited range of stains.
Important Considerations When Choosing a Wine Cellar Door

Our wine cellar doors are constructed of solid wood components, insulated glass, and drop-down Pemko door seals with a full, raised threshold. (Proper seals on a wine cellar door will prevent chilled air from escaping the cellar.

Many door companies cheap-out and omit the threshold. Pemko drop-down thresholds are great, BUT if your tile floor is rough stone or irregular slate, the door bottom will not completely seal.

Making certain that your flooring choice doesn’t impact your door choice is another reason we offer a one-stop shop.)
Keep Your Cellar Secure

Always include a lock for your wine cellar door. Quick story. One of my clients in Inverness lost a Chateaux Margaux 1982 to a teenager’s graduation party. The client’s son, a junior in high school, was taking a shower upstairs and left his friends playing pool in the lower level.

Kids being kids, one of them took a long look at my clients cellar, rationalized that the chances of the client missing one bottle out of 2,200 were not great, and left with the bottle under his coat. Later, at the party, the client’s son was enjoying a glass of very nice Bordeaux, when his friend confessed that it was his father’s wine.

You may not choose to lock your cellar everyday. But when you need the security, it’s great to have it. Many of my clients are now storing their back-up liquor supplies in their locked wine cellars. Kids are kids. People are people. Sometimes, removing temptation is the best approach.
We Offer the Largest Selection of Wine Cellar Doors, Door Hardware and Locks

With all the different styles and materials the Chicago Wine Cellar Expert Offers, you should not have a hard time choosing the perfect wine cellar door, hardware and lock to showcase your new wine cellar.

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