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Wine Cellar Doors

Doors with an Old World Style

Nothing makes a first impression like a wine cellar door with character.

Picture descending a staircase to the lower level of your home.  Looking to the right are typical interior doors; to the left are the same.  But directly in front of you stands an entranceway that appears like it was stolen directly from a sixteenth-century villa in Tuscany.  Rough hewn timbers together with massive ironwork sends a message to whomever sets their eyes on the door that nestled behind it is something very, very special.

At Chicago Wine Cellar Expert, we offer a wide range of choices in Mission-Style doors.  From square-top, to cathedral-style, from full light to speakeasy, our craftsmen have completed over 1,500 customized doors. Each unique.  Each more beautiful than the previous.

Our suppliers search the world for rare and exotic woods. Each wood plank is hand-matched by our third-generation craftsmen, one plank to another, making certain that grain patterns are consistent within the structure of the door-face.  Once the initial door is laid-up within a mock form, then and only then, are accent planks hand inserted.  Evaluation continues as our craftsmen evaluate each and every change making certain that none of the accents overpower the door face.

Proper finishing makes any door ‘pop’.  Chicago-WCE facilities are state-of-the-art.  All finishes are hand sprayed using the finest stains and finishes…all VOC-compliant.  [Low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) finishes are especially green.]  We offer ten basic stain colors, and with our patented, color-matching system we can custom match to any shade or color you desire.

Perhaps you desire a full or half-glass panel in the door? Again, the wide number of feature choices available assures that each of our clients will own a unique and personalized door for every cellar we build.  Listed below are just a few of our accent items.

*       Eight different distress patterns
*       Sixteen unique styles of glass insert.
*       Ten different speakeasy doors and grills
*       Seven iron-accent brackets and arrows
*       Four panel styles for inset doors
*       Twenty-two styles of iron inserts each available in three different colors
*       Three unique clavo colors and finishes.

We also offer matching shutters, vents, flower boxes and ceiling insets.  We can even bring in beams and pillars that greatly enhance the feel of any Tuscan-style cellar.

A word about price:  Since all our doors are full-custom, Chicago Wine Cellar Expert does not publish a suggested list of contractor net price. Given the choices of customization noted above, pricing is always custom.

When considering budgets our average doors are priced between $2,800 and $5,100.  We have completed some for less, many for a lot more.  A rule of thumb is to plan on spending about 18% of the total budget for the door.

Please secure our two-page pdf door brochure showing examples of available doors and their pricing.

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The doors pictured are some of our most popular.
(We repeat the above admonition.  All doors are custom, and therefore, the prices can vary from the printed text in the brochure)

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