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HydroCool Water Cooling System

HydroCool Ducted Installation

HydroCool Ducted Installation

HydroCool Water Cooled Units are designed with the best available components and come equipped with the following standard features: * Powerful: Can cool a properly insulated space as large as 2000 cubic feet. * Refrigerant access fittings for easy servicing. * Fan: Maintenance free motor, powerful scroll cage blower. * Evaporator with industrial tube thickness and dip-coated to resist pitting failure. * Stainless steel thermal expansion valve automatically regulates refrigerant according to the load for efficient operation and minimized de-humidification. * Embossed aluminum casing; double walled construction. * Insulation for high efficiency and quiet operation. * Condensate pump for installations without a gravity drain. * Pressure activated water valve automatically regulates water flow (0-100%) for high efficiency and water conservation. * Removable access panels for easy servicing. * Hermetic compressor with internal-external vibration isolators. * High temperature safety control disables unit if the compressor cavity exceeds normal operating temperature. * Double vibration isolation for quiet operation. * 6 foot line cord; no hard wiring required. * R134a environmentally friendly refrigerant. * Remote electronic thermostatic control for accurate temperature control. Equipped with OFF/ON switch.
HydroCool Cellar Installation

HydroCool Cellar Installation

Chicago WCE can supply a solution for the client that chooses to cool their wine cellar using a ultra-quiet, water–cooled system. The HydroCool unit is a self-contained wine cellar cooling system. The HydroCool system uses water from a standard water supply source to circulate through the unit and generate chilled air which is then ducted into the wine cellar room. In addition, the HydroCool unit can be built into the wine cellar racking and is unbelievably quiet. Our HydroCool unit’s primary advantage is it utilizes water cooling. By Using water this unit does not generate hot air that needs to be exhausted into an occupied living space. Nor does it require that the hot air be exhausted outside. In addition, the HydroCool system does not generate condensation. The HydroCool system is relatively easy and inexpensive to install and it does not require a licensed refrigeration technician.

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Rick was a God-send. My builder, who was in over his head with this wine cellar, had ordered the racking from a company that promptly went out of business. We contacted Rick, and he had the racking installed within four weeks.

Lake Forest, ILL

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