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Wine Cellar Cooling

Wine Cellar cooling uses specialized refrigeration components. It is not HVAC product.  Our cooling units produce colder air temperatures. Cooling down to 48° over the coil and yet maintains only a -7° temperature differential between the return air and the supply air. The result is a system that can maintain 55° – 58° in your cellar with very little humidity removed. has one of the widest selections of wine cooling systems offered within the forty-eight contiguous states.  Our brands are top-rate.  A wider selection means that Chicago-WCE has the proper unit for even a Chicago high-rise wine cellar or closet.  Moreover, a wider brand selection means that we can find and install the very best product…for the very best price. provides not only product and installation by our factory trained technicians, but also, on-site visits where our system designers can review your needs under real-world conditions.  Would you order your home’s HVAC system over the internet?  Absurd!  Why would you accept someone’s recommendations for your wine cellar cooling who had never eyeballed the space?  Buying cooling without a site visit is a recipe for disaster.

Chicago Wine Cellar Experts offers 4 distinct lines of wine cellar cooling units

For small cellars and clients on a budget we offer the
WhisperKool line of through wall units
For larger cellars and clients who prefer a quieter environment, we offer
one-piece, split systems
For the ultimate in cooling and quiet we offer our own, exclusive brand, called
For the ultimate in flexibility and reliability we offer full
split systems using both ducted air handlers and covered fan coils

Recent Client Comments

I truly love my wine cellar. I love it. Out of the four vendors we called, Rick (the Chicago Wine Cellar Expert) was the only one who cared enough to meet with me in my home. He also was the only one who truly shared my vision. I recommend him highly.

Hinsdale, IL

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